Voicemail Features Guide

Managing voicemail from your telephone Accessing voicemail from your telephone varies depending on the model of phone. Many telephone models offer a feature button located on the key pad labeled as ‘Messages’. If a Messages button does not exist on your telephone one will appear as a soft key on your display when a message is present. By default voicemail password are the same as the extension number.

Hint; a feature code is also available to manage voicemail from your extension. You may find it easier to simply dial *85 and follow the prompts.

The Revonix voicemail system offers 3 possible voicemail greetings; an unavailable greeting, a busy greeting and a temporary greeting. Use the temporary greeting to override the unavailable and busy greetings when you are away from the office.

To get started recording your greeting, press messages, or dial *85, log in using your voicemail password then press ‘0’ for mail box options. Follow the prompts to record your various greetings using your handset.

Remember to follow the prompts, accept any changes made to your voicemail settings or recordings before exiting the system

Accessing voicemail from other extensions on the system

Accessing your own voicemail from any extension on the system can be achieved by dialing *86. You will be prompted to enter your mail box number and password.

Accessing voicemail from outside the office

If your system is auto-attended, in other words answered by a recorded greeting, then we’ve built in voicemail access. At any time during the recording you can press the # button to enter the voicemail system. If your system is operator assisted, simply ask to be transferred to your extension. When you hear your greeting begin you can press * to enter the voicemail system.

Accessing voicemail features on-line

You can use any Internet Web Browser to access voicemail features on-line via the Revonix Web Portal. Using a browser you will not be able to record voicemail greetings; but rather manage and review existing messages and or manage various user features. Using this feature to review your voicemail messages requires Windows Media Player and PC speakers.

Contacting Revonix Technical Support

Revonix support representatives are available to take your call Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Standard time. For emergency assistance outside of our regular support hours; your call will be processed by our 24 hour answering service. Please allow up to one hour for a technical support representative to return your call.

To contact Technical Support call, 206-971-4600, select option 2 from our main menu. Select option 2 again from the technical support sub menu. For less urgent issues please e-mail support@revonix.com Expect a reply within 24 business hours from ticket submission.