Hosted Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint

img_voip_lgYou’ll WANT to share and share alike, with Microsoft SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint adoption rates are skyrocketing, but until recently the small and medium-sized business market has largely been unable to reap its benefits. Based on Microsoft’s latest Windows SharePoint Services platform, Revonix offers a cost-effective and easy way for small and medium-sized businesses to leverage the power of      Microsoft SharePoint.

SharePoint offers your employees, customers and partners an online location where they can share and manage team information such as documents, calendars, and tasks, in addition to one of the most powerful collaboration tools available: a team web site.

Our offering provides the following features:

• Central document storage

• Document versioning

• Space for online collaboration

• Create a fully compatible system with the latest Microsoft Office hosted applications: Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office Communications Server and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

• Access control

In addition, our SharePoint customers enjoy the following benefits:

• Low Maintenance / No Requirement for Technical Expertise: we have automated the technical complexity of installation, configuration and maintenance.

• No Up-Front Investment and Nominal TCO: eliminate capital expenses associated with startup, and contract for predictable on-going costs. No expenses for the initial purchase, maintenance of the system or to upgrade software and hardware.

• Security that is Enterprise-Class: As a hosted solution, our expert technologists protect your application by providing system hardening, anti-virus, patching, and backup solutions

• Get to Market More Quickly: By eliminating the need to plan an infrastructure, purchase equipment, and deploy software across the new infrastructure, new sites are automatically provisioned within minutes

Whether you are looking for an internal site where you can work more efficiently or an external site to streamline your business processes with partners, hosted SharePoint can provide you with tremendous benefits.