Call Screening

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Revonix User Portal is a web interface which enables you to control how calls to you extension are processed.

This online user guide is available to help you best utilitze its functionality.

Call Screening

This screen allows you to specify call screening rules and enable call screening.

You can specify call screening options for calls with or without a caller id.

For calls with caller id you can request that the callers announce themselves. You can also enter a list of caller ids for the callers you would like to exclude from screening.

For calls without caller id you can request that the callers announce themselves and/or enter their caller id. You can combine Call Screening with Find Me / Follow Me. If you would like to hear callers’ announcements while receiving a forwarded call you should check “Play caller announcement while in

follow-me mode “. Note that you can enter the information once and then “Enable” /

Disable” call screening as needed.