Online Backup Solutions

With NuMan Backup Cloud Services you can:

    • Protect your physical servers, virtual machines (VMs), and workstations.
    • Maintain control over your offsite data with real-time file access and instant virtualization capabilities.
    • Recover systems and data in seconds, not minutes or hours, so your recovery is transparent to users.
    • Test your disaster recovery abilities using hands-on verification methods.
    • Rest assured offsite data is safe with premium encryption and data center security standards.
    • Economically tally all of your storage needs across systems, departments or clients and pay only for the storage space you actually use.
    • Increase your storage or upgrade your service level with ease.

NuMan Backup Solutions

NuMan Backup Solution takes the worry out of keeping up with your backup.  With NuMan Backup you get:

      • Monitored and maintained backups on your valued data.
      • Latest and greatest backup software.
      • Predictable monthly cost.
      • Experienced data recovery assistance in the case of data loss.

NuMan Off-Site Backup Solutions

NuMan Offsite Backup Solution stores your backup at our off-site facilities. Select one of NuMan Off-Site Backup plans:

      • Cloud Basic. Cloud Basic provides archiving of valued data. Recovery by your choice of media.
      • Cloud Plus. Cloud Plus provides immediate file and folder recovery via the Cloud Portal.
      • Cloud Premium. Cloud Premium includes files and folder recovery via the Cloud Portal as well as an instant virtualization of your system and data. Meaning your server or desktop or laptop is recovered to a virtual instance that you can log into and use while your system/data is being restored.
      • Add Mirroring to any of these options. Mirroring data from the primary datacenter to a secondary data center utilizing SSAE 16 compliant

Traditional Backup Software

NuOz offers traditional backup software for you to purchase and maintain your own updates but prepares you to take the next step of off site backup.

      • ShadowProtect Server.
      • ShadowProtect Server -Competitive Upgrade.
      • ShadowProtect Desktop.
      • ShadowProtect Virtual.
      • and more..