How it works

Send and receive faxes via email, your Web browser, or with our convenient new mobile app. eFax lets you eliminate the cost and inconvenience of fax machines and phone lines, even as your customers continue to send and receive faxes in their customary way. Plus, eFax places no requirement on your customers whatsoever – in fact, they’ll never know you’re using it!


Sending Faxes

  • Email: Address your email to (faxnumber) and attach your document(s) to the email. We’ll send your fax and deliver fast confirmation
  • Web site: Simply upload your document(s) and we’ll handle the rest
  • Mobile App: Great for iPhone, iPad, or Android. Just snap a pic or attach a file.

Receiving Faxes

  • Your fax arrives as an email attachment – just click to open as you normally would.
  • You can also use either our secure Web site or mobile apps to view, store, forward, and even sign your faxes online.

Pricing $19.95