MessageMirror from NuOz provides your business with a simple, powerful archiving solution for storing, retrieving and searching all the emails sent and received through your hosted Exchange service.  With MessageMirror you can:

  • Keep backup copies of emails
  • Recover deleted items
  • Reduce primary mailbox size
  • Conduct cross-mailbox searches

Back-up your Mission-critical Data

Email is a critical business communication tool for you and might be the single place that your company houses: 

  • Final copies of documents
  • Message strings of critical conversations between employees, partners and customers
  • Important calendar events

MessageMirror helps you protect your business from inadvertently – or even intentionally – losing critical emails and all the important intellectual property contained within them.  It gives you the benefit of a centralized, automated email backup solution, without having to deploy a full-blown compliant archiving solution. 

How does MessageMirror work?

MessageMirror uses Microsoft Exchange journaling to create a copy of every inbound and outbound email, internal and external, and store it in the MessageMirror archive.  The MessageMirror archive mailbox can then be searched using Microsoft Outlook to find and/or restore emails. 

MessageMirror can be used for some or all of your mailboxes.  Just log into the control panel to activate the service, and select the mailboxes you wish to archive.  Through the control panel you can also manage access permissions to the MessageMirror mailbox, as well as define policies for message retention and deletion. 

MessageMirror is available from NuOz as an add-on to your Hosted Exchange 2010 service.