Hosted Exchange: Terms

Resource Mailboxes

Resource mailboxes are mailboxes that represent conference rooms or shared equipment. Resource mailboxes can be included as resources in meeting requests, providing a simple and efficient way to utilize resources for an organization.

Top level Public Folder on Exchange

The term “top-level folder” is perhaps confusing when you look at the view of public folders in Outlook. At first glance, a top-level folder appears to be a third-level folder. This is because the Exchange Server retains ownership of certain folders that are created during the installation setup process.

Top-level folders are created under “All Public Folders”.


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ActiveSync’s instant push technology keeps your employees’ devices constantly synced and updated with the latest email, calendar and contact data. Hosted ActiveSync means that we manage the entire service for you from our world-class datacenters. While other companies charge a premium for the setup, maintenance, updates and patches – NuOz does it all free of charge with Hosted Exchange packages.