Encrypted Email

Encrypted Email from NuOz provides a comprehensive encryption solution, at both the organization-level and user-level, to help you ensure your confidential communications are safe, secure, and comply with state and federal legislation.

Who should encrypt Email?

Organizations in certain industries, such as financial services or healthcare, have ethical, fiduciary, and regulatory duties to ensure that their clients’ personal information remains confidential. Encrypted Email from NuOz can help you comply with industry-specific privacy legislation, including:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • California Security Breach Notification Act (SB 1386)
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)
  • State-specific privacy laws (e.g. Michigan, Nevada and Washington)

How does it work?

Choose to encrypt email at the organization level or user level.

Policy-based Encrypted Email: Ecryption is based on company-wide rules and policies you set up and manage.

  • All email content and attachments automatically scanned to detect whether message warrants encryption before being sent
  • Examples: emails with social security numbers or credit card numbers, patient information, and legal case information
  • Policies can be configured to encrypt and send, return to sender, or delete messages with insecure content
  • Reduces human error, minimizes risk of security breaches
  • No additional software or plug-ins required

User-level Encrypted Email:  Pick and choose email accounts who requires encryption.

How do I manage the environment?

You determine which regulations affect your business and which users you need to control. We host and manage the hardware and software to enable the encryption/decryption process and manage digital identities. We provide a powerful web-based administration console from which you set, review, and customize your organization’s privacy policies and administer users.

Jumpstart your efforts with a wide variety of commonly used rules, dictionaries, and expressions or create complex rule chains to suit your organization’s unique needs. You can monitor all messages and reject those that do not comply with company policies and procedures. Our analytics tool tracks every message that’s been processed and provides summary diagrams and detailed searchable reports.

How secure is it?

Both Encrypted Mail solutions are backed by a globally-recognized Certificate Authority.

  • Standards-based technologies are used, such as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), S/MIME, and X.509 certificates to establish confidentiality, message integrity, and user authentication.
  • Ensures the best commercially available encryption security for your messages
  • All encrypted messages are digitally signed and can be validated to prove compliance as required

What attachments does it support?

NuOz Encrypted Mail encrypts any MS Office document, .PDF file, image file, and almost any other popular file format.