Accessing the User Portal and Logging In

Table of Contents | Accessing the Portal |Voicemail | Call Forwarding | Screening | Blocking | E911 Service | Call History | Technical Support

Revonix User Portal is a web interface which enables you to control how calls to you extension are processed.

This online user guide is available to help you best utilitze its functionality.

Accessing the User Portal

The user portal can be accessed using any internet browser over any internet connection. Simply type the following address into you browsers URL window:

User Portal includes the following screens:
Voicemail Settings gives you an ability to set your preferences for handling of voice mail messages.
Call Forwarding allows you to configure call forwarding rules.
Call Screening allows you configure the rules for screening inbound calls.
Call Blocking allows you to block calls from certain numbers and specify what to do when caller id is not known.
Call Recording (if enabled) allows you to set rules for call recording.
Conferences allows you configure your personal conference room and manage it in real-time.
Contact & Directory allows you to make calls by selecting phone numbers from the company directory and create and manage your own personal contacts.
CRM Screen Pops allows you to query your CRM for information about people calling you, or find the information about callers in public search engines such as Google, White Pages, etc.
Voice Mail gives you the ability to access and manage voice mail messages.
Recorded Calls (if enabled) allows you to access and manage recorded calls.
Call History allows to view all the calls to and form your extension.
Preferences allows you to change your personal settings and web interface preferences.

Logging In

To log in use your tenant designation plus complete extension number . The password is initially set to equal your extension number. In the example below ‘Revonix-100″ is the username and 100 is the password. The system will mask your password entry for security reasons.