Backup & Recovery

Accounting records, business contacts, marketing material… can you imagine losing this data and having to rebuild your database – the core of your business- from scratch?

Data loss is a serious threat to businesses. According to the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D.C., 93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more as a result of some sort of disaster ended up filing for bankruptcy within one year. And 50% of those companies actually filed for bankruptcy immediately.
How long could your business continue without its data?

Restoring Your Business Data and Applications

Revonix offers end-to-end backup and recovery solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses that are packed with enterprise-class functionality. Advances in today’s backup and restoring technologies provide reliable and cost-effective data protection and business continuity for both virtual and physical servers.  Our services provide health care data security and well as all industry data security.
We’ll help you determine the best data protection solution for your organization. Your backup should be protected from hardware failure, common user errors, potential disaster and malicious attacks. While backup should be considered a critical but routine part of your business function, just how you backup is worth taking the extra time to consider. Some basic questions to ask include:
  • How many servers do you need to backup?
  • Do you need remote management?
  • What are your daily backup needs, i.e. what files are critical to your organization? If you lost a day’s data, how would it affect your business? An hour’s worth?
A LAN-based backup solution might give you the best overall performance by segregating user traffic and backup traffic on to two separate paths, maximizing performance for both users and backup. Higher capacity and/or faster backups might be achieved with a tape library with multiple drives, or a backup server with multiple D2D systems attached.
Our easy-to-manage and highly-reliable data backup solutions are backed by leading industry partners like HP, SonicWALL and ARCserve. We’ll help you quickly recover from disruptions that could endanger the consistent flow of your business operations, with easy ways of copying backups to an offsite location for disaster recovery purposes.

Restoring Files

Software like HP’s Backup and Recovery Manager streamlines the recovery process even more. You can recover individual files and folders, restore a factory image to the default settings (which destroys all personal data) or restore a backed up system image (which maintains the data captured in that image). You can restore a factory or user-defined system image by running PC Recovery from the recovery disc set or by selecting the appropriate option within the HP Backup and Recovery Manager.
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Online Backup Solutions

Whether you need backup for your home or business, Revonix now offers Online Backup solutions to fit your every need.