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Revonix User Portal is a web interface which enables you to control how calls to you extension are processed.
This online user guide is available to help you best utilitze its functionality.


Call Blocking

This tab allows the user enable or disable the Call Blocking features and to select from a variety call blocking criteria to control call flow. You can specify call blocking options for calls with or without a caller id. For calls with caller id the options are “Block” or “Allow”. If you are blocking calls, you can enter caller ids of callers to be excluded from blocking. If are not blocking all the calls you can enter caller ids of callers that you would like to block. For calls without caller id the options are simply “Block” or “Allow”. You can specify how the blocked calls are to be handled by choosing from the list of “When blocking calls” options. Note that you can enter the information once and then “Enable” / “Disable” call blocking as needed.